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Course details

Private Course

For individual one-on-one study For students who want to study at their own pace. Students can study for their own purposes, and at their own skill level.

Tuision Fee

※The fee includes taxes.

人数 金額(1回あたり) 90min
1person 5,443yen
2or3person 7,619yen
4or6person 10,667yen
7or10person 14,934yen
11or15person 20,907yen

※Please pay the entrance fee only at the time of the first entrance.
※It's a ticket system. Please buy the ticket at least 1 week before the Course starts.
※For the cancellation please contact us at least two days before the class. The lesson can be assigned to another day.
※In the case of cancellation on the day before or the actual day, we can't reassign the Course. So please be careful.

  • ◆Entrance fee 10,800 yen including tax ※ Only at the time of entrance
  • ◆Facility fee 3,240 yen including tax / for one year
  • ◆Learning material fee / Actual expense